Translation in English

As a visual artist I focus on painting and I work in watercolours as well as in acrylics or oils.

What appeals to me about aquarelle paint is its fast, surprising, often intangible character, providing me with a wealth of possibilities to express my experiences, whereas working in oils and acrylics allows me to compose my thoughts, and consequently, my concept.  But whatever  materials I may use, large gestures and bold combinations of colours are characteristic of my brush technique.

My paintings represent a wide variety of subjects, but more often than not, there is a link with nature. For, what I want to express in my work is my experience of nature. Its beauty and the atmosphere that I feel is what I want to share through my paintings.
My work includes stand-alone paintings (among others portraits) as well as connected series of paintings based on one particular theme that appeals to me and which I work out in various ways, my style ranging from the figurative to the highly abstract.

My work has been exposed during the ‘Leyden Art Route’ event, in various galleries and other exhibits.

Here you may go to paintings or expositions of Anke Burgers.